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Welcome to IB Standard Level Physics 1! Course at a Glance
Physics is the study of the interaction of matter and energy with our environment.  This course is a two trimester inquiry and algebra-based physics course, jointly addressing the IB SL Physics Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for high school physics.  During the first two trimesters of the course, students will be engaged in the study of basic mechanics, thermal physics, waves, electricity, and magnetism.  The world of mechanics includes the fields of kinematics, dynamics, and energy.  Thermal physics covers heat capacity, transfer, kinetic theory and the Gas Laws.  Waves encompass a detailed study of the physics of vibrations in mechanical and electromagnetic media and how they lead to energy transfer via oscillations .  Electricity and magnestism addresses force and energy in charged systems and applications of circuits addressing voltage, resistance, current, power, magnetism, and induction. 

Students that are interested in taking the IB SL Physics exam will enroll in the third trimester of the course, IB Standard Level Physics 2.  During this time, students will continue their study of physics in atomic, nuclear and particle physics, and astrophysics.  The former covers the electron transitions in atomic orbits and its relation to atomic spectra, nuclear structure and radioactivity, and elementary particle physics.  Astrophysics is will entail a study of planetary, stellar, and cosmological evolution. Students will be exposed to the theoretical, experimental, and engineering aspects of physics, thus attaing the skills to excel at theoretical problem solving, experimental design and analysis, and the engineering design cycle.
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